Fall Mushrooms, Part I

Corinne Gregory Sharpe - The ShipboardChef
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Welcome to Fall and for many of us that means -- MUSHROOMS galore!

Have you been frustrated by not knowing what to look for when hunting for choice, gourmet mushies? Or, perhaps you have the general idea of WHAT you are looking for, but are stumped by the WHERE?

Well, join me, Corinne Gregory Sharpe, also known as the Shipboard Chef for a fact-filled and informative class that will help you turn "frantically hunting" into "happily (and safely) gathering!"

This Fall mushrooms class was HUGELY popular when I rolled out the first version over two years ago. I'm revising it and updating it and will do a new LIVE presentation on Tuesday, October 4 at 5pm PT.

Part I will contain info on five of the most popular early Fall mushrooms, including Chanterelles, Shaggy Manes, Lobster Mushrooms, Cauliflower Mushrooms and Oyster Mushrooms.

Not only will I help you identify them, but we will talk about how to harvest and what to do with them. The class contains additional resources such as

  • Class slides
  • Recipes
  • Extra Resource

ADDED bonus! I have partnered with North Spore, a provider of premium mushroom grow kits and products for this series of classes. When you sign up for the class, you are automatically entered to win one of FIVE grow kits they are providing -- up to a $30 value. So, you are practically getting PAID to take this class! AND, you get to grow your own mushrooms in the comfort of your own home. Click here to browse and shop.

NOTE: if you can't join us Live, you can still sign up and get lifetime access to all the great content, including the class video and the entry to the North Spore drawing!

Although this class is focused on mushrooms found growing throughout the Western U.S. many of the species we'll be covering ALSO happen to be found in the Eastern U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

Can I make it any better?

The info for Zoom class will go out at 4pm the same day.

This is a longer class than most -- allow for 90-minutes to be sure we get through all the great content.

One more added bonus: for those of you on my email list, you know I schedule and conduct in-person forays in the Fall (and early Winter if conditions are good). A Fall mushroom class is a pre-requisite to be offered these forays since it only increases the enjoyment (and success) for you and the other participants of the field events.

If you don't have the benefit of asking LIVE questions send any questions you want me to cover to corinne@shipboardchef.com

Again, here's the really good news: you will get lifetime access to the content. So, hop on when it fits your schedule. No limit to how many times you can access the class or any of the related content like the recipes, how-to videos and other bonuses.

All this (and more) for only $27!

Can't wait to see you at this next class!

I'm Corinne, Professional Chef & foodie.

As long as I can remember, I have loved food, cooking and serving delicious dishes and meals. My creativity showed itself at an early age: at age six, I presented my mother with my first-baked birthday cake, frosted in home-colored lavender (grey) frosting, decorated with fresh flowers (which, we later learned weren’t edible….but they were pretty!) I was already foraging back then, but maybe not so well! haha

Since then, I have widely expanded my abilities and experience in the food scene. I formed a business that did restaurant menu design and consulting for several of Seattle’s finest dining rooms, including the then-Four Seasons’ Atrium Court. I have served as cookbook reviewer and recipe tester for John Howie’s cookbook, Passion and Palate, and have competed on the Nate Berkus Show with none other than Diners, Drive Ins and Dives’ Host Guy Fieri as judge. Celebrity Chef and three times’ James Beard winner Tom Douglas is one of my mentors and I've spent some time cooking at Etta’s, one of Tom’s iconic seafood restaurants.

When I'm not on the water, you can find me in my “land galley” (kitchen) or in the outdoors foraging for mushrooms and other “wild” foods.

Join me in my mission to use what the Earth has given us and make it taste good along the way!

I want this!

Gourmet mushrooms are ridiculously expensive. Want to learn how and WHERE to find them and have the added benefit of fresh air and exercise? Then join me for this first of a series of Fall and Winter mushroom classes. Learn how to turn "hunting" into "gathering" safely and confidently!

Video Instruction
Q & A
Recipes from a professional Chef


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Fall Mushrooms, Part I

5 ratings
I want this!